Link Information for July 13, 7:30 PM ZOOM demonstration

If you already have ZOOM installed, copy this link and paste it into your browser a few minutes before 7:30 PM on Monday, July 13. You will be admitted to the meeting Waiting Room.

Alternatively, you may need to install ZOOM from Then start ZOOM, click on "JOIN A MEETING" on top line, and when prompted enter:

Meeting ID: 841 5942 8909
Password: 165264

Bob's Current Procedure, in use since March

1. In Photoshop, put two images on two different layers. Use tools (opacity, blending modes, and eraser) to make a pleasing Opening Image (OI.psd).

2. Open OI.psd in GIMP. Make new layer, apply GIMP add-on G'Mics (install from and then choose artistic filter Dream Smoothing; make another layer from OI.psd and apply one of three G'Mics artistic filters I call GGI (that is, the best of Graphic Boost, Graphic Novel, Illustration Look.) Finally, make another layer and apply G'Mics filter Testing/Samj/Black and White/Engrave Colore, experimenting with A-G Sample control. Finally, use Overwrite OI.psd and return to Photoshop.

3. In Photoshop, open OI.psd to update changes from GIMP. Use opacity, blending modes, and erase to make a pleasing second image, flatten and save as new files OIA.psd and OIA.png.

4. On web, go to and Create new document from OIA.png. Apply two new filters (I am currently using Kandinsky and Abstractism), choose a resolution (I use HD) and when image is done, copy altered images to file NEURHD.psd.

5. Back in Photoshop, ompare file sizes of OIA.psd and NEURHD.psd, and enlarge to largest size (making sure you don't lose any selections.) Add NEURHD layers to OIA.psd. Use tools to make a pleasing image. Save as OIB.psd.

6. Final steps in Photoshop: Select All and save selection ORIG size. Use Canvas Size to add border in first color to image. Select ORIG and Stroke inside with second color to make a second border. Add Logo/Chop.

7. Take original picturel (OIA) and add it as top layer of OIB. Place that new layer below border and logo. Select ORIG and run Pixelate Color Halftone. Apply selections as desired, then use blend Luminosity at a very low level.

8. Flatten image. Save as OIZ.psd, with JPEGS as desired.