Artist's Statement

Although I have been interested in art and graphic design all my life, I only began working seriously after I retired in 2010.

In October, 2017, I changed artistic direction from still images to animation and video. This new direction was a time-consuming artistic discipline, with a steep learning curve, and many more variables.

My images are strongly influenced by the optical textures I see when I close my eyes and by what I see when I dream. They are also influenced by the hallucinatory visions I saw under the influence of anaesthesia following open heart surgery.

I often use commercial art, illustration, and typography as a source of ideas.

For maximum effect with my animations, click on the four-sided [] icon in the control bar, which should size the image to fit your screen. For my still images, click repeatedly on the image until it is full-size, which may be larger than your computer screen.

ARCHIVE: Webpage Proprietor's Portraits

First image is a small pencil portrait done by Remo Frangiosa. It was done while I sat for Remo's portrait class over a two-week period at Philadelphia's historic Plastic Club in September, 2015.
The second image is a larger painting I commissioned from the Plastic Club's Andy Hoffmann.

Next are two other images also used as masthead portraits. Third image is an iPad self-portait in a coffee shop (approx. 2014). It is probably the best representation of my revulsion at the aging process and my sadness at the prospect of diminishing cognitive powers.
Fourth is an attempt to limit portrait to the fewest number of facial features and still be recognizable (approx. 2012). (Sorry: unlike the other images on this page, these masthead pictures don't enlarge when clicked...)
Fifth is a drawing done in our Open Studio workshop by Meri Collier, a Toronto-based artist and member of the Plastic Club.

To contact Philly-Bob, email me at bobmoore [at symbol] (of course, replace "[at symbol]" with "@"].

Masthead Portrait by Remo Frangiosa, 2015