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Some Productive Video Spots for Video Scrounging

Also check out Solavez' collection of video-link collectors.
And this collection of silent films.
And these derivative works based on other films.
And Junya's collection, Video Archivist's YouTube Graveyard, and the Stock Footage collection.
FindingFootage site.
Old Commercials
Public Archivist - Indian dance.
Jaompitty and Rmodel: Weird collections
Newspapers & Magazines: Archive
Sajiv: Recent movies
Digital Panopticon: Experimentals
Old Movies
Sahori Recents
Landrepas Old
FalCrest History
VJ Loops
Robert Coulombe
Free Synth Sounds
Turkish History
German Horror
Genuine Public Domain movies
Alt Right
Fed Flix
Ardisan's PD
80's stag
Flemish Bot Commercials
PicFixer Various old
Kucioang Tik Tok & DIY
EMIJRP Old Russian B&W
bay bay PD movies