Portrait by Remo Frangiosa

Philly-Bob’s Free-for-All 2020

One man's visual art, largely consisting of digital manipulations of images, taken from (1) my own photographs/videos, (2) downloaded from the Public Domain, or (3) utilized under the Fair Use provision of copyright law.


A random collection of images from a famous Ukrainian graphic designer, including the 500-hryvnia bank note he designed. The images are combined with curious electronic/computer sounds plus tape composition by Wheatley Afton.

VIDEO: Images from 1930 collection "Heorhii Narbuto: mystetsko-istorychnyi narys" (Link1: trans: 'Georgy Narbut: artistic and historical development'). Narbut was the leading Ukrainian graphic designer of the 20th century. Other images from Wikipedia.

MUSIC & AUDIO: Title song from 2020 album "Go for a Punch" by Wheatley Afton (Link2)

Link1: archive.org/details/frick-31072003679216
Link2: archive.org/details/cover_20200210

February 16, 2020

Note: I don't know Spanish, so I didn't understand the words of the lovely song by Cacatarsis. But I liked the song: its relaxed pace, its switch between male and female voice, etc. There is no connection between the images in the video and the words of the song.
Luckily, a friend in my Plastic Club sketching class, who hails from Puerto Rico, was able to translate. Did a second version, using Linda's translation, somewhat revised by me.

MUSIC: Song "Uniforme Plumoso" (Link1; trans: Feather Uniform") from 2019 album by Colombian group 'Cacatarsis', recorded in Berlin. (Link1) (Translation from Spanish by Bob Moore and Linda Avila.)

BACKGROUND VIDEO: Clip of 8 girls dancing on video-sharing site TikTok.com (Link2)
IMAGE 1: Cover illustration of 1923 "Ekspressionizm; Katalog der Ausstellung der Aquarellisten-Clubs der Genossenschaft der Bildenden Künstler Wiens" (Link3: trans: 'Expressionizm; Catalog of the exhibition of the watercolorists' clubs of the Cooperative of Fine Artists of Vienna')
IMAGE 2: Portrait of Empress Elisabeth of Austria from "Monographie de la Basilique de Saint Epvre à Nancy" (Link4: trans: 'Monograph of the Basilica of Saint Epvre in Nancy')
IMAGE 3: "Chatelaine," design for a biscuit poster, from 1897 "Alphonse Mucha et son oeuvre" (Link5)
IMAGE 4: "Jeanne Aux Champs," from 1903 'Jeanne d'Arc dans l'art' (Link6; trans: 'Joan of Arc in Art')
IMAGE 5: Painting by French Symbolist Maurice Chabas from 1928 "Catalogue des œuvres de Maurice Chabas: calme et poésie dans la nature et queques œuvres d'ordre spirituel" (Link7: trans: 'Catalog of works by Maurice Chabas: calm and poetry in nature and some works of a spiritual nature')
IMAGE 6: Engraving from 1763 "Musei Kirkeriani in Romano Soc. Jesu collegio aereaa" (Link8: trans: 'Museum Kirkeriano the Roman Soc. Jesus College')
IMAGE 7: Illustration from 1933 "Wystawa zbiorowa prac Leona Kowalskiego w Palacu sztuki w Krakowie" (Link9: trans:  'Collective exhibition of Leon Kowalski's works at the Palace of Arts in Krakow')

Link1: archive.org/details/cacatarsis
Link2: i.4cdn.org/wsg/1581345634379.webm
Link3: archive.org/details/frick-31072002623686
Link4: archive.org/details/gri_33125013356007
Link5: archive.org/details/frick-31072001412883
Link6: archive.org/details/frick-31072001936360
Link7: archive.org/details/frick-31072003683879
Link8: archive.org/details/gri_33125008257889
Link9: archive.org/details/frick-31072003782705

February 14, 2020

A significant moment in Rep. Adam Schiff's closing argument during Trump's impeachment trial. Everybody knows that adding a rider that would help him politically onto a foreign aid package is typical Trumpian deal-making. Trump was acquitted without censure or apology, and America has moved one step closer to a rigged undemocratic system built around a money-grubbing reality-show host. Vote for the Democrat -- sny Democrat --on November 6!
Smyth, who did the music, is an interesting composer. He does a curious genre based on haiku; see his collection here. The haiku he built this composition around is:
In ihe beach breeze
my travels forgotten…
evening cool
Check out his blog Racket in my Head, motto: "Sharing the noise with everyone".
I'm depressed about Trump and climate change and the spread of proto-fascism around the world, as well as a painful social experience last night. But I feel better when I look at Smyth's work. Maybe amid this decline, there are spots of world-class creativity.

VIDEO & AUDIO 1: CNN News footage "Schiff gets choked up during Trump impeachment trial" (Link1) Jan. 23, 2020
VIDEO OVERLAY 1: Stock footage "De Focus Bokeh Leak Light Orange" (Link2)
VIDEO OVERLAY 2: Stock footage "Slow Motion Match Strike" (Link3)
VIDEO OVERLAY 3: Stock footage "Film Burn Special Effect" (Link4)
MUSIC: "In the Beach Breeze" 2020 Haiku-based composition by Maryland composer George L. Smyth (Link5)

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZYV6qDU4Lk
Link2: archive.org/details/DeFocusBokehLeakLightOrangeAndShineFreeFootageHD1
Link3: archive.org/details/SlowMotionMatchStrikeHorizontal
Link4: archive.org/details/FilmBurn
Link5: archive.org/details/inthebeachbreeze; also see glsmyth.bandcamp.com/

February 8, 2020

For some time, I have been watching the prolific musical product of Chinese-born composer Shuwen Zhang. He was educated in the U.S., but I can't tell from his online info whether he's in the U.S. or China right now. But you can easily imagine how concerned he is at the virus that has killed thousands in China. I was surprised to see this unusual, recently published (Feb. 3) piece, using the traditional classical form of the fugue, but with weird instrumentation -- wooden blocks, voices, and big Chinese gongs. (Note: I do not understand what a fugue is.) It reminds me not to get too focused on American concerns and remember that artists from all cultures are using the tools of their art to express their fears. The score of the piece is displayed against a background showing the workings of an automatic rifle. In some sense, Shuwen's composition is magical thinking, a superstitious spell. Usually I'm against magical thinking, but in the creative world I drop my objections.

VIDEO1: Video of automatic rifle action. date and source unknown
MUSIC & SCORE: 2020 composition "Anti-NCoV Scripture/Anti-Epidemic Fugue" (Link1) by Chinese music teacher Shuwen Zhang

Link1: imslp.org/wiki/Anti-NCoV_Fugue_(Zhang,_Shuwen)#IMSLP608291; permalink: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/608291

February 7, 2020

As time passes, my work method becomes clear: spend some time everyday exploring the Internet, and eventually some subject or clip captures my attention. A dark hole opens. In this case, it is a fierce, warlike Russian song. The songwriter grew up in civilized Russian cities, but spent his summers with his Cossack grandparents in the country. The end of the song embraces punishment of invading countries, as Russia did to Germany in WW2.
The translation is given below: SOURCES:
VIDEO & MUSIC: Russian actor and songwriter Igor Rasteryaev performs his "Russian Roads" (Link1) about the role of bad weather in Russian history, humbling invaders like Hitler and Napoleon. The video was shot in the forest along the Road of Life (Link2), the ice road used to resupply besieged Leningrad between 1941 and 1943. The song also mentions Ivan Susanin (Link3), who, under torture, in 1613 "guided" invading troops into the Russian forest, where they disappeared.  

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DljgSrTbNE; without English subtitles: www.youtube.com/watch?v=37l7P5V1eXU
Link2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_of_Life; www.facebook.com/pages/Road-of-Life/103121266394558
Link3: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Susanin

Along the crying earth, not feeling jackboots, Our bloodless detachment's escaping from the enemies Is eating sorrel leaves on the run, Is staying overnight in a gully under an arrow-wood bush. It's impossible to rest for us -- run away, run away, run away. And our pretending friends are staying abroad. And watching closely how we are being beaten. And only the long roads are absolutely for us. Wipe your tears, rest a little, I'm Russian road. Retreat and I cover your retreat with mud and water. But they're head over ears in mud, up to eyes in water. Some time later the enemies ran us down again. they're attacking us more strongly, are just about to overkill us. But the biting frosts are rushing to help us. Rest, wipe your bitter tears, We are Russian frosts. As enticing by Moscow, we'll freeze the enemies, cover them with melancholy. The nature is like our own mother in the war, But it was time to hide, now it's time to advance, And soon we're appeared in the enemy towns. And began to destroy all around, oversmashed. Broke off to pieces, thrashed into ruins. And as crushing, we explained the moaning enemies. Remember our strange tactical method. When we retreat - it means we advance. Together with frosts and forests, Susanin's ahead. Just God gave us Russian road. Russian road, Russian road, Russian road.

February 2, 2020

Watching Grammies, Impeachment; not too productive.

VIDEO 1: Spanish singer Rosalia performs "Juro Que Malament" at 2020 Grammy ceremony (Link1; trans: 'I swear badly')
VIDEO 2: European folk dancers performing "Радость моя Улетай" (Link2; trans: 'My Joy Flies Away')
VIDEO 3: News coverage of Corona virus in China and Russia
MUSIC: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1792 "Requiem" (Link3)

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoKQAXSMy4c 
Link2: i.4cdn.org/wsg/1575709800977.webm
Link3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMP5hso2w_k

January 31, 2020


Not very productive. Distracted by impeachment drama. Had a show of my videos at my residence, It was part of a group show, a bit noisy, and I'm not sure anyone understood what I'm doing.
Interesting music discovery: an electronic group from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

VIDEO & SOUND: Excerpt from 1940 movie "Phantom of Chinatown" (Link1)
MUSIC: 2020 song "Autumn" by Uzbekistan music project Aquatone (Link2)
BACKGROUND IMAGE 1: Illustration of 12th century paten of Saint Bernward from "Guelf Treasure" (Link3)
BACKGROUND IMAGE 2: Illustration of Frederick I of Germany from 2004 "Fighting for Christendom: Holy War and the Crusades" (Link4)

Link1: archive.org/details/phantom_of_chinatown
Link2: archive.org/details/aquatone-autumn-re
Link3: archive.org/details/guelftreasure
Link4: archive.org/details/christophertyermanfightingforchristendomholywarandthecrusades_202001

January 26, 2020

Brought to mind by the foot problems of two septuagenarian women I know. High-heeled shoes in the 60's and hard acrobatic roller-skating leaving both with unhealthy feet. Reminding me of the Asian practice of foot-binding. .
I thought I found the perfect music for this one.

VIDEO: Excerpt from 1996 German documentary "Sex in China" (Link1)
MUSIC: Song "The Great Ambuscade" by Lui Tsun Yuen from 1964 album 'Exotic Music Of Ancient China' (Link2)

Link1: archive.org/details/sexinchinanachholbedarfinsachenaufklarung
Link2: archive.org/details/lp_exotic-music-of-ancient-china_lui-tsun-yuen

January 20, 2020

Another video mashup. Started with Wedgwood china. As a boy, my family would visit Windsor, Ontario, which had the unusual distinction of having four downtown stores selling fine china. First noticed Wedgwood there. Later, find out about Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795), an English businessman involved in public affairs such as the abolition of slavery. (Compare him to the businessman who runs U.S. today!) Flags are from someone who actually believes that monarchies are the best political system. Ran across music last, and chose the title from the composer's notes.
A lot of trouble on this one too. Turns out one of my flash drives has a problem (I think).

VIDEO 1: Page from 1924 catalog by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, English manufacturer of chinaware (Link1)
VIDEO 2: "Monarchial Standards of the World" collection by The Mad Monarchist (Link2)
MUSIC: "Kitsune no Yomeiri," 2010 composition by Roberto Novegno performed by the composer in 2018 (Link3); the title is from a Japanese idiom for a rain shower while the sun shines, (literal meaning: foxes' wedding)

Link1: archive.org/details/frick-31072003726165
Link2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Peu67V6XqHs&t=55s; Mad Monarchist website: madmonarchist.blogspot.com/
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Kitsune_no_Yomeiri,_tbp_115_(Novegno,_Roberto)#IMSLP605855; permlink: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/605855

January 19, 2020

A montage of two visual and two audio sources. A lot of trouble with this one, took twice as long as usual.

VIDEO: Russian educational film on fluid dynamics in ink jets (Link1)
VIDEO & AUDIO 1: Performance by Libera Cantoria Pisani (Link2) of Carlotta Ferrari's 2018 choral work "In Questa Sacra Notte" (Link3)
AUDIO 2: Song from 2020 album "Psi" by Moscow-based electronic musicians WNRI (Link4) 

Link1: archive.org/details/ajujohbkm4m
Link2: www.cantoriapisani.it/
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/In_questa_sacra_notte_(Ferrari,_Carlotta)#IMSLP605413; permalink: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/605413
Link4: archive.org/details/wmri-psi

January 17, 2020

Joyful women, beautiful voices, haunting song. The translation (below) reveals a restrained poem that combines an awareness of the bloody struggle for survival (the eagle attacked the swans) with a fondness for girlish fashion. (Remember: "down" in this case refers to a bird's soft, fluffy feathers.)
If you go to the group's website (Link1), you can see a higher resolution version of this video; my graphic treatment fuzzes and texturizes the original video, aiming at an aesthetic, nostalgic, dreamy effect.
At the sea, blue sea
There was a floating flock of white swans
And where did the gray-white eagle come from?
It dispersed the flock around the blue sea
White down rose to heaven,
Gray feathers fell on a green meadow
And who will collect these feathers?
- A beautiful girl

VIDEO & SOUND: Polish singing group Laboratorium Piesni (Link1; 'Female World/Ethno/Spiritual/Mystic Folk Music') performing traditional Belarusian song  "Sztoj pa moru" (Link2; trans: "At the sea"). 

Link1: laboratoriumpiesni.pl/en
Link2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=04fEWQOwUD4

January 16, 2020
Above, a clever holiday card from a musician friend. Time signatures are a notational convention used in Western musical notation to specify how many beats are contained in each measure, and which note value is equivalent to a beat. I vaguely comprehend 4/4 and 3/4 (waltz) rhythms, and my musician friend tells me that 5/4 is the time used in Dave Brubeck's masterful Take Five. Here's an article from Wikipedia on unusual time signatures. Of course, the political meaning of this musical joke is plain.

I've been a bit unproductive visually these days, because I've gotten heavily into reading. Some samplings:

"I always think that the absence of bad luck is the most important thing in life."
-- Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, survivor of 1976 and 2014 Ebola outbreaks, quoted in Richard Preston's Crisis in the Red Zone, 2019

"We held hands and rejoiced in each other's company as we had not necessarily done when young and bemused by each other's closeness, now relishing it! When young I had wondered why the aged were capable of such affection, and I attributed it to a soft-headedness But death is close and touches are precious and the beloved remains beautiful even to the aged swain. This had been delightful to discover."
-- Thomas Keneally, The Book of Science and Antiquities, 2018

I've also begun reading English novelist Ken Follett's The Century Trilogy a mammoth historical epic that follows five interrelated families - American, German, Russian, English and Welsh - as they experience the events of the 20th century. The first two books of the trilogy come to some 2000 pages!

Music notation adapted from a T-Shirt design

January 14, 2019

My Dad was a World War II hero, an Infantry Captain in Patton's army. Dad won medals, but he measured his success by how many of his men he was able to bring back safe and sound. Not surprisingly, Dad's favorite song was this rousing call for good men to come together to resist tyranny. It's from New Moon, a 1928 operetta with music by Sigmund Romberg and book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, among others. Some say it was "Broadway's last hit operetta", as the Golden Age of musicals approached.
This is from a 1940 remake with Nelson Eddy, as an aristocrat-in-hiding leading an army of peasants. It was revived in New York during the run-up to the Iraq war, and although the modern audience jeered at the male brotherhood the lyrics espouse, they cheered at the play's statement "One can be loyal to one's country and yet forswear its leader".
The song, with its heavy dose of testoserone, doesn't fit the mood today, when box-office-conscious Hollywood casts teenage girls as action heroes, male action heroes are ironic and silly, and armies are formed with careful attention to diversity requirements.
We have a male suicide rate almost four times as high as for females. Many young males, hectored on politically correct, identity-divided college campuses for their white male privilege, gravitated in 2016 to the Neo-Nazi Alt-Right, where instead of being attacked they were celebrated and became keyboard warriors in Donald Trump's election victory.

I know about toxic masculinity. I know about the horrors of war. And I know that the lyrics in this version have been sanitized (original lyrics: "For the strong obey / When a strong man shows them the way.") But all I know is things have changed and I'm not sure we're better off. I feel displaced -- and I suspect my father would too.
VIDEO & AUDIO: Song "Stout Hearted Men" from the 1940 movie version of the operetta "New Moon" with Nelson Eddy (Link1)

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vjqfvZVReM

January 10, 2020


Had a nice night Christmas Eve, singing Christmas carols. But was disappointed that my favorite carol was not in the songbook and some folks had never heard of it. Here, from my Catholic 1950's, is "O Come O Come Emmanuel." I am fond of its music, which sounds Middle Eastern, and the words, that express the longing of suffering people for things to improve.
MUSIC: Traditional 12th Century Christian hymn "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," 1861 version, by Concordia Publishing (Link1) 
BACKGROUND VIDEO 1: Scenes from 1961 video "Atomic Weatherman" by U.S. Department of Energy (Link2)
BACKGROUND VIDEO 2: Scenes from 1984 David Attenborough documentary "The Living Planet" (Link3)
BACKGROUND IMAGE: Illustration of Borenote Marble from 1915 catalog "Building and Ornamental Stones of Australia" (Link4)

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xtpJ4Q_Q-4   
Link2: ia600409.us.archive.org/4/items/AtomicWeatherman
Link3: archive.org/details/thelivingplanetaportraitoftheearth12newworlds
Link4: archive.org/details/rtbaker1915

January 8, 2020

Gert 3000's liner note to his album explains: ""Unfortunately, my oncologist thinks I have only months to live. Happily, to err is human. I still have a glance of hope in me and a fighting spirit. But the situation is serious and it does not look good for me. Therefore, I want generally to terminate my meek music production habits and release all the unreleased stuff that is lying around on my computer. Unlike other people, I have been warned about my potential demise and I can take things in my own hands. It's a bit like packing for a flight I don't know the departure time. But just having the stuff out in the web is a relief for me."

Note: I speak no German, so I have no idea what Gert 3000 is saying here. Also, his words may have been mangled in editing. I am using his German as a vocal instrument here.
I do think he has a little English, though: at the very end, "Somebody help me?"
MUSIC: Remix of song "Alive" by Gert 3000 on album 'Gemischter Chor Waldenburg' (Link1), part of his 'Final Fight Series' uploaded after his oncologist told him he had "only months to live."

IMAGE: Illustration of Warialda Marble from 1915 catalog "Building and Ornamental Stones of Australia" (Link2)

Link1: archive.org/details/GT1188
Link2: archive.org/details/rtbaker1915

January 7, 2020


Another area of concern, the bush fires in Australia. The right-wing head of Australia is a climate-change denialist who believes in prayer for rain and a carbon-based economy. To quote actor Russell Crowe's message at an award ceremony tonight: "Make no mistake. The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is. That way we all have a future, thank you."
Music is by Australian composer Nicholas Locke; I've used his music before. I like his work a lot and he publishes his music with generous public domain terms. He wrote the piece two years ago on a vacation to a tourist area in Queensland, Australia.

VIDEO: "Aerial Footage Shows Scale of Fires in Australia" by VOA News (Link1)
BACKGROUND: Illustrations from 1915 catalog "Building and Ornamental Stones of Australia" (Link2)
MUSIC: Composition for piano and strings, "Harvey Range - Barringha" from 2018 'Townsville Suite Op. 13' by Nicholas Locke (Link3) 

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQpBiYI_7M0
Link2: archive.org/details/rtbaker1915
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Townsville_Suite,_Op.13_(Locke,_Nicholas); permalink imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/557122 

January 6, 2020

With Trump's Wag-the-Dog military maneuver in the Middle East, I am nervous that war will break out. And these days, with I-think-I'm-smarter-than-everybody Trump on one side and religious zealots on the other side, all bets are off. Lots of chatter on the social media about "#WWIII" -- World War III. My confidence that the building I live in will still be standing in ten years is reduced by some small but measurable quantity.
Which brings to mind a form I've been noticing among the young social media outlaws on bad-boy 4Chan.org: threads titled "comfy." Amid the porn and gore and racism of 4Chan, these are glimpses into some kind of universal desire for comfort. (Unfortunately, in the lawless 4Chan world, no one pays much attention to copyright, so I don't know who filmed these scenes or who made the music.)
With this piece, I am imagining the modern world is destroyed and I am looking back sadly from the ruins on the comforts I once took for granted before everything blew up, like leisurely walks through suburban streets.
This piece also marks a change in my working routine. Instead of working from the laptop in the living room, I'm working from the desktop in my studio. More power, but I will miss sitting in the living room with Janice.

VIDEO: Posting on "Comfy" thread on 4chan.org WSG (Work Safe Gif) by Anonymous (Link1)
MUSIC: Same, musician not identified 

Link1: boards.4channel.org/wsg/thread/3170649

January 4, 2020

A palate cleanser after the dark video from Somalia on 12/31: brilliant engineering builds a bridge without cranes. Man moves forward with ingenuity and science, not violence and religion.
VIDEO: Massive Chinese bridge construction machine in action (Link1), manufactured by Wowjoint Machinery Company (Link2)
MUSIC: 2020 Song "011001" on album 'Unexpected Loss' by Bulgarian group This Communication (Link3) 

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKGYs71N72c
Link2: wowjoint.com/
Link3: archive.org/details/mhrk229

January 2, 2020


A dark new year's malediction from the jihadist "Islamic State" in Somalia, calling for overseas followers to murder someone -- anyone -- in developed countries, hoping such terrorist attacks will eventually force all Western countries to pay a tax to the Islamic State. The video was uploaded yesterday (12/30). Note the above average production values, but be cautious about clicking on these links.
Jizyah is "a per capita yearly tax historically levied on non-Muslim subjects, called the dhimma, permanently residing in Muslim lands governed by Islamic law ." SOURCE:
VIDEO & AUDIO: Video press release from militant jihadist group in Somalia, uploaded December 30, 2019 (Link1)

Link1: archive.org/details/UYGsffswdaq

December 31, 2019


I have been greatly enjoying music, in all its many forms, lately. I think my visual treatments add to the simple look of the music videos. Look at the YouTube comments for this section for some interesting back-and-forth on today's music versus yesterday's music. Myself, I'll take Janis over Beyonce.
VIDEO & AUDIO: Janis Joplin December 1969 appearance on "This is Tom Jones" TV show (Link1); 10 months later, Joplin was dead of a heroin overdose at the age of 27. The song is 'Raise Your Hand.'
BACKGROUND IMAGE: Illustration of wool rug pattern from 1975 "The Silk Road And The Shoso In" by Ryoichi Hayashi

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZmiefQ5y4U
Link2: archive.org/details/thesilkroadandtheshosoin

December 30, 2019


Lee Dick was a female film-maker of the 30's and 40's who did industrial films with her own unique touch. Here is part of a film she did for a mining commission. A couple things were going against Dick. Her name did not identify her as a woman, which may have been helpful 80 years ago, but is not helpful in gathering scholarly attention today. Do a Google search on her name and you get a lot of male genitalia and Asian filmstars. The only article I was able to find about her is by NYU Ph.D. candidate Tanya Goldman and all but a summary are stashed behind a paywall in the academic Journal of Feminist History. (From the summary: "Dick challenges perceived divisions between often overlapping spheres of nonfiction filmmaking and invokes tensions between personal and institutional authorship within a sponsored, and deeply collaborative, media context. Her largely unexamined career is a window into gendered labor and mid-twentieth-century media production.") She is also a very weird film-maker, as this crescendo montage shows.
VIDEO & AUDIO: Segment from 1940 documentary "Men and Dust" by little-known film-maker Lee Child (Link1)
BACKGROUND IMAGE: Woodcuts from 1556 book on mining techniques, "De Re Metallica" by Georg Agricola (Link2; trans: 'On the Nature of Metals')   

Link1: archive.org/details/Men_and_Dust
Link2: archive.org/details/deremetallica50agri/page/45

December 28, 2019


Lots of worrisome stuff going on in the world, a few mentioned here. I am not satisfied with this piece, may decide to do it over (or may not).
VIDEO & SOUND: Military graveyard with flags near Dnipro, Ukraine from 2019 Twitter posting by Taras Kuzio (Link1); source of music is not identified. See interview with Kuzio.
VIDEO 2: From Physics-astronomy.org Twitter feed, 2017 launch of a Russian "Bastion" coastal defense missile in Arctic, said to be Hypersonic (Link2) 
VIDEO 3: Scene of traffic leaving Idlib province in tweet (Link3) from Syrian pediatrician Amani Ballour; her caption: "They left their homes and memories because of the brutality of Assad regime and Russia. They don't know where to go." 
PHOTO: 2015 photo of Donald Trump from wikimedia (Link4

Link1: twitter.com/TarasKuzio/status/1209769639623966721
Link2: twitter.com/m7mds91/status/1209686819878531072 
Link3: twitter.com/i/status/1209755811653787651
Link4: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Trump_SQ.png

December 26, 2019

IRTHDAYBay ARDCay (1:08)

Product of a full day of birthday work. They say Ginger Rogers was so bored during rehearsal that she substituted a Pig Latin version for the song "We're in the Money." The producers liked it, and kept it in. Pig Latin is an interesting subject, popular in the 1950's youth: here is an English to Pig Latin translator.

Also made a card to be distributed to friends, below. Later: Some interest from my all boys' high school alumni association -- a crew of men facing the same 75th birthday, in using the image as a 75th birthday theme
IMAGE: Illustration from 1954 "Leica Photography" magazine, showing trapeze artist climbing (Link1)
FILTER: Various online filters from www.neuralstyle.art applied to image (Link2)
FONT: "Streamzy" by Indonesian font designer Bangkit Tri Setiadi (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/leicaphotographyv07n02summer1954d.d.teolijr.a.c.
Link2: www.neuralstyle.art
Link3: www.dafont.com/streamzy.font

December 23, 2019

Tribute to smart, attractive women.

VIDEO & AUDIO: 1946 movie "Dressed to Kill" with Basil Rathbone (Link1)
MUSIC: "Danny Boy" performed 2013 by James Galway (Link2)
ADLERS: Poster "The Many Incarnations of Irene Adler" (Link3) 
PELOSI: Illustration from CNN "Internet Light Up Over Pelosi's Sunglasses" (Link4) 

Link1: ia800605.us.archive.org/14/items/DressedToKill720p1946/DressedToKill720p.mp4
Link2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv1rI1kFvwA
Link3: adleresque-infinite.tumblr.com/image/185190792064
Link4: www.cnn.com › nancy-pelosi-sunglasses-trump-meeting-moos-ebof-pkg-vpx

December 23, 2019

Experimenting with new closing shot for 2020. Video in background (Link1) shows New Zealand high school performing a Maori war dance in 2015. Not sure whether this will make it as my closing panel next year: it's kind of noisy and aggressive, and at 11 seconds, it's too long.
But as I near my 75th birthday and my young man's swagger disappears, my testosterone levels dip, and I am pressured in social media to lose my cis* binary mindset, I feel kind of mad and heedless. Also: impeachment.
* CIS: Short for "cisgender" (opposite of "transgender"), used to describe someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth.
Link1: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7752929/Moment-entire-school-performs-unique-haka-leaving-students-sign-respect.html

December 20, 2019

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Masthead Portrait by Remo Frangiosa, 2015