Portrait by Remo Frangiosa

Philly-Bob’s Free-for-All 2019

One man's visual art, largely consisting of digital manipulations of images, taken from (1) my own photographs/videos, (2) downloaded from the Public Domain, or (3) utilized under the Fair Use provision of copyright law.

Artist's Statement

Although I have been interested in art and graphic design all my life, I only began working seriously after I retired in 2010.

In October, 2017, I changed artistic direction from still images to animation and video. This new direction was a time-consuming artistic discipline, with a steep learning curve, and many more variables.

My images are strongly influenced by the optical textures I see when I close my eyes and by what I see when I dream. They are also influenced by the hallucinatory visions I saw under the influence of anaesthesia following open heart surgery.

I often use commercial art, illustration, and typography as a source of ideas.

For maximum effect with my animations, click on the four-sided [] icon in the control bar, which should size the image to fit your screen. For my still images, click repeatedly on the image until it is full-size, which may be larger than your computer screen.


More experiments with VideoStudio Mask Creator. Also color from a video clip from StudioBacklot. This may be my entry into Animation Festival or Dynamism Show at Plastic Club. Again, music from Locke; nice to see he uses Aboriginal names for Australian geography. SOURCES:
VIDEO: From PicFixer's collection of public domain clips of 1930's chase scenes called "CLIPSY DOODLE 3 (Cut to the Chase)" (Link1)
BACKGROUND IMAGE: Illustration from "Curbed" for article with "Coney Island’s iconic Cyclone roller coaster celebrates its 90th birthday" (Link2)
MUSIC: Extract from "Hervey Range - Barringha" from Townsville Suite, Op. 13 by Australian composer Nicholas Locke. 'Barringha' is the aboriginal word for the Hervey Mountain Range in Queensland, Australia. (Link3) Another link: Link4

Link1: archive.org/details/CLIPSYDOODLE3CutToTheChase
Link2: ny.curbed.com/2017/6/25/15870342/coney-island-cyclone-roller-coaster-90th-anniversary
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/557122
Link4: imslp.org/wiki/Townsville_Suite,_Op.13_(Locke,_Nicholas)

January 20, 2019

Some improvement in use of VideoStudio's "Mask Creator" utility, separating the crocodile when it appears; the hippos' color is muted, but the croc's color is natural. Still troubled by my work, and worried about which pieces to enter into the upcoming (but separate) Animation Festival and Dynamism shows at the Plastic Club.
Again, like the last animation, music is from my favorite young composer, Nicholas Locke. I'm not sure this song fits the action -- or whether the January 16 Locke composition fits that action -- but I include them to recommend the young Aussie.
VIDEO: Visitor footage of crocodile who wandered into a "hippo pool" in the Serengeti -- and survived. Originally shared on LatestSightings.com.

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Photo of hippo/croc struggle from video (Link2)

MUSIC: Extract from " Castle Hill - Cootheringa" from Townsville Suite, Op. 13 by Australian composer Nicholas Locke (Link3)

Link1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMXnhiv3NqY
Link2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=svayHx1F3HA
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/557124
Also: imslp.org/wiki/Townsville_Suite,_Op.13_(Locke,_Nicholas)#IMSLP557124

January 19, 2019

Another remix of old movies. Added color, removed dialog. Still troubled -- was not able to master VideoStudio's "Mask Creator" utility.
VIDEO: Clip from 1938 mystery "The Black Doll" featuring Nan Grey (Link1)

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Movie poster of the time (Link2)

MUSIC: Extract from "Magnetic Island - Yunbenun" from Townsville Suite, Op. 13 by Australian composer Nicholas Locke (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/TheBlackDoll
Link2: www.imdb.com/title/tt0029918/
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/557123

January 16, 2019

Another remix of old movies. Discontented with these animations lately. February is animation month show at Plastic Club, will have to choose an entry.
- Clips from 1933 Marx Brothers comedy "Duck Soup" (Link1)
- Clips from 1958 movie "The Lost Missile" (Link2)

Movie poster (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/TheLostMissile
Link2: archive.org/details/SONOFCLIPSYDOODLE
Link3: www.imdb.com/title/tt0023969/mediaviewer/rm3547531520

January 13, 2019

Opening of English mystery with comic overtones, with Gordon Harker in the title role and costarring Alastair Sim as the bumblin playing Scotland Yard detectives, derived from a popular English radio show of the time. "Each week Inspector Hornleigh interrogated various witnesses, one of whom makes some slip which convicts him. The radio audience were invited to match their wits against Inspector Hornleigh's, with the mistake the witness made not being disclosed until the end of the programme.

Opening of 1939 English mystery movie "Inspector Hornleigh" (Link1)


Movie house placard (Link2)

Link1: archive.org/details/InspectorHornleigh
Link2: trakt.tv/movies/inspector-hornleigh-1939

January 7, 2019

First animation done on a new computer system, a refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010, bought from Fred, the friendly corner computer guy, for about $320. Had to reinstall all my programs. Curses upon the digital soul of Adobe, which always makes it difficult.
VIDEO: From a 1940 English film "21 Days Together" based on John Galsworthy story. Vivien Leigh chases Lawrence Oliver to save him from surrendering to police. (Link1)

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Publicity shot of Vivien Leigh from "Gone with the Wind." (Link2)

MUSIC: Song "Hegamila" from Khawaga's 2018 album 'ZOO' by Indonesian netlabel Yes/No/Wave Music label (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/21DaysTogether
Link2: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Vivien_Leigh#/media/File:Vivien_Leigh_Gone_Wind.jpg
Link3: archive.org/details/yesno092

January 4, 2019

A bit of a rush job, trying to finish on the first day of 2019. Enjoyed revisiting the world of the 1930's singing cowboy -- the essential decency, where even a passing cowpoke will get involved in saving a widow's ranch from a greedy land developer. (Nowadays, the greedy land developers are in charge.)
VIDEO BACKGROUND: Computer abstraction by Scott Draves (Link1)

MOVIE: 1935 movie "Roll Along Cowboy" starring singing cowboy Smith Ballew (Link2)

SONG 1935 song "This Is My Year" by Smith Ballew (Link3)

Link1: scottdraves.com/videos.html
Link2: archive.org/details/RollAlongCowboy# 
Link3: archive.org/details/SmithBallewVocalCollection1925-1935

January 1, 2019

Two differences from previous entries. (1) I used the audio editing program AUDACITY to adjust the sound, although I wasn't skilled enough to remove the incidental music at about 2:45; (2) my intention was not to "remix" the video to make a new work of art, but simply to improve production values and edit it down to a short, affecting story.
The actor in the final scene (Conrad Veidt) was a refugee from Germany. The actor playing the servant girl (Rene Ray) moved on to become the Countess of Midleton.
VIDEO & SOUND: Extract from 1935 English film "The Passing of the Third Floor Back" (Link1. First produced as a play in 1908, the moralistic plot tells of a Christ-like Stranger (Conrad Veidt) who straightens out the lives of all the residents of a London boarding house, including an unhappy serving girl (Rene Ray). 

The script was based on a story by Jerome K. Jerome (Link2)
Link1: archive.org/details/ThePassingOfTheThirdFloorBack
Link2: www.gutenberg.org/files/865/865-h/865-h.htm

December 30, 2018

I read the news today, oh boy. Russia has been working hard on developing weapons, and Putin is very publicly flexing his muscle. I don't know about the American defenses -- back under Reagan generals were not promoted unless they supported his "Star Wars" antimissile system, and Trump's lack of attention and narrow focus on his self interest don't bode well.
Various Russian news videos, December 2018 
Albrecht Durer's 1498 woodcut "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Link1)
"Gloomy Sunday (Hungarian Suicide Song)" sung by Greta Keller, 1936 (Link2)
Link1: smarthistory.org/albrecht-durer-four-horsemen/
Link2: archive.org/details/GretaKellerCollection1929-1936

December 29, 2018

Remind me to visit Penn Treaty Park on the Delaware River, just a couple miles away from my home, where an obelisk marks the site of the famous elm where the Treaty of Shacamaxon was signed. The peaceful treaty between European settlers and an indigenous people had global significance; Voltaire in 1764 said it was "... the only treaty never sworn to and never broken." Why never sworn to? Quakers claimed always to speak the truth, so they didn't swear oaths; this is why Janice and I were able to get married in Philadelphia City Hall in what is called a "self-uniting marriage -- without swearing to either the State or a Religion, it was just between us.
And never broken? Well, not quite. The treaty lasted nearly 80 years, until the French encouraged the Delawares to commit the Penn's Creek Massacre in 1755. And the Delawares were eventually "relocated" to Oklahoma.
I hail from the American midwest -- Michigan -- where the relations between European settlers and the indigenous tribes (Ottawa, Pottawatomie, and Chippewa) was more troubled at the time of settlement, again because of French imperial ambitions.

VIDEO: Scene from 1941 English film "The Courageous Mr. Penn," depicting unarmed Quaker William Penn signing a peace treaty with the Delaware Indians in 1683. The peace lasted nearly 80 years, until the French encouraged the Delawares to commit the Penn's Creek Massacre in 1755. (Link1)

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Depiction of the same event (the Treaty of Shackamaxon) by Italian-born artist Constantino Brumidi, painted upon the frieze in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Link2)

MUSIC: Title song from album "Finale Finis" by the label 'Jazzaria.' (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/CourageousMrPenn
Link2: www.aoc.gov/art/frieze-american-history/william-penn-and-indians
Link3: archive.org/details/finale-finis

December 26, 2018

Upcoming exhibition at Plastic Club has the theme of "Lines."

VIDEO 1: Scene of marching Muslim soldiers in Jerusalem from 1924 German film "Nathan the Wise" (Link1)
VIDEO 2: Abstract design from "Flock" #244 of artificial life designs by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep

MUSIC: "Prelude in D, Op. 32", 2018 composition by Marcello Severo (Link3)

Link1: archive.org/details/NathanTheWisesilent
Link2: archive.org/details/electricsheep-flock-244-32500-3/00244%3D33763%3D33763%3D33763.avi
Link3: imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/533988

July 31, 2018

Trying out landscape orientation.
Frustrating that I was not able to include my translation of the beautiful poem by the Catalan poet known as Pere Quart. May return to this issue. One incidental result of my cyber-exploring around the world: there's a lot of art going on in Catalan Barcelona.
To my unworthy American ear, I hear the Catalan poetry as profane: "You fucked the cow." I blush before the original words: "Un xic de cor" -- translation: "a bit of heart."
Translation of the poem is below
God: And you, what do you want?

Me: Well, I just want to 
-It can be-:

A bit of hunger 
and a little bread. 
A bit cold 
and a bit of fire. 
A little sound 
and a bit of bed. 
A little of seven 
and a bit of wine 
and a little milk.

And a little peace.

A little step, 
a little bit of weight 
and a bit of floor.

And a bit of a nest.

A bit of pic 
and a little pac 
-or a bit of salary 
and a bit of a check.

And a bit of sunshine 
and a little salt. 
And a bit of sky.

A bit of good 
and a bit wrong. 
A little honey 
and a bit of a fel.

And a little at night 
and a bit scary of fear, 
and a little chest 
a bit of color 
and little bit of shout

And a little light 
and a bit of sound: 
a little lightning 
and a little tro.

A little joy 
and a bit of kiss 
and a little bit of sex.

And a bit of a dog.

And a little gas.

A bit of the fort 
and a bit of the flow. 
And a little rom 
and a little smoke.

A bit of a place

And a bit of play 
-tres kings, two new ones

And a bit of yellow 
and a little gray 
and a little green 
And a bit of blue.

A bit of a train 
and a little ship; 
and a bit of rowing.

A bit of wind. 
And a bit of snow. 
And a bit of a rogue.

And a bit of a voice 
-and a little vote. 
And a bit of singing. 
And a little verse. 
And a bit of dance.

And of art. And gold

A little fish. 
And a little fat.

And a bit of beam. 
And a little thick. 
And a little meat 
and a little blood; 
and a bit of hair. 
And a bit of mud 
and a bit of dust.

A little flam 
and a little ice.

A little saint 
and a bit of a dragon. 
A little risk 
and a little bit of income 
-and a bit of Russian.

And a piece of field 
and a little fruit; 
a piece of closure 
near the home 
with birds and flowers. 
And a little forest 
with pins and splinters.

And a bit of a fountain. 
And a little river 
and a bit of rec 
and a little bridge. 
And a bit of gorg.

And a little sea 
and a little port.

And a bit of crying.

A little linen 
and a little leather 
and a little skin 
and a little thread.

A bit of mud 
and a little juice

And a bit of pork.

And a little park.

A little taste 
and a little bit of rank.

And besides me 
a bit of yours 
and a bit of theirs.

I want to be: donkey clerc? 
beautiful ugly? right? fault 
fat thin ready? llosc? 
new old? firmly skinny 
blah carry? empty? full up? 
sweet dark? dry wharf 
serious? slight short long 
dark clear yaix? the end? 
A little bit of everything.

And what do I want?

A little of sanity

And a little time.

And a bit of a world.

And a bit of luck.

And a little death.

And a little of You.

Hey, yes it can be.

Originally Posted in Circumstancias (1968)


MUSIC: 1968 poem "Tirallonga dels monosíl·labs" by Catalan poet Pere Quart (1899-1986), improvised by Barcelonan group "Zero de Conducta" in 2018. (Link1)

VIDEO: 1952 Film Noir "The Thief" with Ray Milland. (Link2)

- Charts from 1909 Finnish book on Hypnotism (Link3)
- Electrical Utility Systems Board from 1933 "Sweet Engineering Catalogue" (Link4)

Link1: archive.org/details/hr094
Link2: archive.org/details/TheThief1952
Link3: archive.org/details/HennigH.Hypnotismi1909
Link4: archive.org/details/SweetEngineeringCatalog

July 3, 2018

ARCHIVE: Webpage Proprietor's Portraits
Time to change my image at top of this web page. The new image is a small pencil portrait done by Remo Frangiosa. It was done while I sat for Remo's portrait class over a two-week period at Philadelphia's historic Plastic Club in September, 2015.
The second image is a larger painting I commissioned from the Plastic Club's Andy Hoffmann.

Next are two other images also used as masthead portraits. Third image is an iPad self-portait in a coffee shop (approx. 2014). It is probably the best representation of my revulsion at the aging process and my sadness at the prospect of diminishing cognitive powers.
Fourth is an attempt to limit portrait to the fewest number of facial features and still be recognizable (approx. 2012). (Sorry: unlike the other images on this page, these masthead pictures don't enlarge when clicked...)
Fifth is a drawing done in our Open Studio workshop by Meri Collier, a Toronto-based artist and member of the Plastic Club.

To contact Philly-Bob, email me at bobmoore [at symbol] pobox.com (of course, replace "[at symbol]" with "@"].

Masthead Portrait by Remo Frangiosa, 2015